Kitesurf schools in Buen Hombre

Buen Hombre could be one of the best places in the Caribeean to learn kitesurfing. Flying the kite in strong steady wind without gusts helps the student taking the first steps mastering control of the kite. And the large shallow area allow new students to learn in less than knee-deep water for added self-confidence and safety.

Stable wind without gusts: Makes flying the kite a lot easier for all beginners.

Large shallow area: Allows for learning to fly the kite, and the first lessons with the board for waterstart and bodydragging a lot easier. At any point the student can put the feet do

Flat water without waves: Learning to control the kite and get up on the board is always challenging at first. Add waves that push the body and the board around. In Buen Hombre this is not an issue, this spot is famous for its large area of flat water due to the protecciont of the large coral reef further out.

Large uncrowded spot: In a crowded spot the student is stressed and distracted by other kiters closeby. The kitespot in Buen Hombre has plenty space for everyone, even at peak days.

It creates a very safe and comfortable space. As new kitesurfers try to get up on the board for the first time, the flat water makes all the difference. All this while being perfectly relaxed at this uncrowded spot. Only two kiteschools teach in Buen Hombre.


Friendly Kite School Buen Hombre

FRIENDLY KITE SCHOOL has brand new kites from North Kiteboarding for rent and for their kitestudents

Friendly Kite School

Friendly Kite School is the newest kiteschool in Buen Hombre. It employs local instructors and assistants, some of them IKO-certified and capable of teaching kiting in english or spanish. The school opened in 2022. Friendly Kite School is located between the restaurants as you approach the main spot. They rent and teach using kites from Vantage Kites.

Downwinds from Cayo Arena (upwind) or down to Playa Popa (Montecristi) are organized when there’s enough kiters around the village. Located just above the school there is a studio-apartment available for rent. There’s an onsite bar and seafood-restaurant.

Kite Buen Hombre

Kite Buen Hombre has been teaching at the spot since 2013. The school has instructors that can teach in both Spanish and English. Their main instructor Mikey is famously very experienced and patient. Kite Buen Hombre has a crew of a assistants and instructors to help you in the water and outside. The school regularly downwinds and other excursions. They have their own boat for this purpose.

They’ve done a great job at keeping the beach clean and spreading the word about this great kitespot in the Dominican Republic.