Buying land in Buen Hombre

Land in Buen Hombre can be bought for as little as 15.000 USD (1 Tarea / 628m2). A fraction of the price you would pay for a decent size plot in Cabarete.

Most will be looking at hill-top land with views and possibly a beach front property. The few houses thar are for sale are often poorly constructed and over-priced so most foreigners investing in Buen Hombre aim to build a house to their own standards. There is currently a quite high building activity in Buen Hombre. Demand is driven by Dominicans from the larger cities looking for a weekend home. Domicans working abroad wanting to invest or retire. And foreigners looking for a great investment in a Dominican holiday home often expecting to a small rental business out of their investment as demand from kitesurfing tourists and digital nomads are growing.

Land for sale in Buen Hombre

Low cost building land is attracting new buyers to Buen Hombre.
HILL TOP VIEW Land as pictured can be bought for less than 15000 USD Further away from the beach the surroundings are calmer and the land will provide fewer practical problems

Expect to pay about 20-40 USD pr m2 for a nice piece of land with great views. Location, views, infrastructure and the legal status of the land should decide the price. Most land is currently sold “as is” with no water or electricity connection. Often with access via a poorly made dirt road causing access problems during the rainy season.

BEACH FRONT LAND Land for sale behind the kite spot in Buen Hombre This types of properties have more issues with unstable ground made of clay High levels of humidity and salt

Beach front land is scarce but available. Expect to pay a lot more for this type of land and possibly there will be more problems related to building permits if its very close to the water. Land close to the beaches are more fought over between owners and the first 60 meters of land behind the water line is protected in the Dominican Republic, this to secure free access for the general public.

Land in the hills around Buen Hombre have less legal problems connected to them. That type of location also have less issues related to erosion, humidity and noise from bars, beach-restaurants and the never ending noise from mopeds and motorbikes.

The beach restaurants can look idyllic and calm weekdays Weekends this changes as Dominicans arrive from the cities inland to spend the day here eating seafood and enjoying their beers and rums with loud bachata and raggeaton music

Pleamar and Bajamar in the Dominican Republic

In 1968 the beach area that is protected from private development was increased from 20 to 60 meters, as defined buy law number No. 305 with more protecction granted with “Ley 64-00”. The republics enviriomental ministry describes it this way:

“Las leyes establecen la protección en todo el territorio nacional de una franja de sesenta (60) metros, comprendida entre la línea de la pleamar y la bajamar en las playas y litoral de arrecifes.”

Rougly translated into English “The law establishes the proteccion of 60 meters in all of the country in a line between high tide and low tide and the costline with coral reefs”.

This picture has been provided bu the Ministerio de Medio Ambiente It shows restaurants built in the protected beach zone being demolished