Buen Hombre, kitesurfers paradise in the Dominican Republic

Buen Hombre proviedes world class kiteboarding. The wind is strong and clean almost all of the year. Turquoise blue flat water where you can see the corals as you fly above transparent clear this is one of the best places for kiteboarders to learn, progress and enjoy the perfect kite holiday.

No wonder this stunning kitespot has been choosen by several kite-brands as a backdrop for shooting promotional videos and photos.

Where is Buen Hombre

Buen Hombre is located inside a 249 kilometer long underwater national park, nort-west in the Dominican Republic. From Cabarete to Buen Hombre it’s 170km, mostly in the Duarte Highway, the main highway of the Dominican Republic. There are buses from Sosuoa, Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo almost every hour.

Kitesurfing in Buen Hombre

The water is completely flat inside of the reef. Beginner kitesurfers love the shallows close to the beach. The wind enters perfectly cross-onshore, you’ll fly upwind on the flat water. More experienced kiters will enjoy the ease of kiting here. It’s perfect for practicing new tricks. Out where the open ocean meets the reef a nice set of waves forms. They work both as kickers and playing with a surfboard. The glassy waters formed by the waves gives you a better view of the corals below.