Restaurants and food in Buen Hombre

Buen Hombre means fresh seafood in all it’s shapes and colors. It’s cought by the local fishermen every morning. And you can order your fish any way you like it. You pay by the kilo and can choose any size fish before your meal. In addition various dishes with porque or chicken are served with rice a few places.

The Hotel & Restaurant Buen Hombre is open all days and evening for breakfast, luch and dinner with a large menu. It’s a owned and run by the same Dominican family, both are chef’s so it’s all good stuff. Their breakfast omelette with vegetables is excellent. Try the sea food salad, salpicon, for lunch. They also serve goat but only if you ask in advance, it’s not on the menu.

In addition you have all the beach restaurants that will be open mostly weekends when the Domincians come to Buen Hombre to enjoy the cooling wind and a sea food lunch. Ask for your fish to be “steamed” if you don’t want it deep fried and fatty. Weekends there’s a bit of a party amosphere around these beach restaurants, weekdays its pretty calm.

Support your local “comedor”

If you want to “go local” and eat really cheap visit the “comedor” located just up the hill on your right side next to the road. For luch you can get rice and delicious chicken, and it’s cheap.