Transport to and from Buen Hombre

From Cabarete to Buen Hombre the distance is 170km. That is mostly in the Duarte Highway, the main highway of the Dominican Republic that was slightly upgraded before the 2024 national elections. Some choose to go with a rented car or arrange with a taxi-bus from Cabarete to Buen Hombre. But you can easily travel a lot cheaper using public transport. While in Buen Hombre your rentalcar will be parked for days anyway. The kitespot will be in walking distance from any hotel in the village.

Most kiters currently visit Buen Hombre as a part of a trip to the more well known kitesurfing capital of Cabarete. If you want to come here directly, there are direct flights to Santiago from Miami and many more cities in the United States. This will save you a few hours compared to flying here via Santo Domingo or Puerto Plata.

From Cabarete to Buen Hombre

There are buses from Sosuoa, Puerto Plata and Santo Domingo almost every hour. The company that handles these routes are Caribe Tours. Note that most require a stopover in Santiago de los Caballeros. Sometimes it’s faster to take the Expreso Liniero that goes all the way to Montecristi the last leg of this journey. Expreso Liniero leaves with greater frequency (every half hour) from their own bus-terminal.

From Santo Domingo to Buen Hombre

Caribe tours directly from the airport or their bus terminal will take you to Villa Vasquez.

From Santiago de los Caballeros to Buen Hombre

From this city you have the option of travelling with Caribe Tours. However it’s limited how many trips they do a day. There are quite a few other smaller companies that operate the route from Santiago to Montecristi.

Ask any Taxi driver in Santiago and they’ll take you to their terminal that’s located a few minutes from Caribe Tours.

NO CAR NEEDED While in Buen Hombre you dont need anything else than your feet or your kiteboard to move around Everything is close and if you bring a rental car it will stay parked for days on end here And yes you might meet this friendly horse strolling around the beach as well Its Buen Hombre everyone is relaxed here

Where to get off the buss

The closest city to Buen Hombre is Villa Vasquez. It’s less than half an hour away. Here you’ll find shops, cash machines etc. The bus station for Caribe Tours is located here along the main road. The bus will stop here on route to the regional capital of Montecristi on it’s way from the second largest city of the Domincan Republic, Santiago de los Caballeros. Where you’ll most likely arrive from.

You can also get of the bus at the intersection in Bontoncillo if you travel light. This will be a bit closer to Buen Hombre compared to Villa Vasquez. In Botoncillo you can ask in the local corner-shop (colmado) for a moto-taxi. Note that if you’re travelling with big bags you’ll have to get of in Villa Vasquez anyway. The bus will not take out your luggage from below in Botoncillo. This can only be done at the bus station in Villa Vasquez.

From Villa Vasquez to Buen Hombre

From the bus station in Villa Vasquez you can get to Buen Hombre via a moto-taxi, tuk-tuk or regular taxi. The most recomended taxi would be “Mingo” a local from Buen Hombre that do transfers of kitersurfers to and from Villa Vasquez or Botoncillo in his “Margarita”, a blue tuk-tuk. Hes also a boat captain and frequently will do downwinds from both Cayo Area and Cayo Siete Hermanos.

In most cases you can call “Carlos” on 809 491 1339. His sparkling new yellow tuk-tuk can take a group of kiters and gear to Buen Hombre.

Carlos can transport groups of kiters to Buen Hombre from Villa Vasques in less than half an hour

Getting around in Buen Hombre

While in Buen Homre you don’t need a car. From any hostel you can walk to the kitespot in minutes. If you should need to go to Villa Vasqes to visit a bank, do some shopping or for a night out. You can either get a local moto-taxi to take you. Or you can rent a motorbike for the day for about 1500 pesos.

Caribe tours between Villa Vasquez, Santiago de los Caballeros and Santo Domingo (Airport):

With a change of bus in in Santiago you can travel directly to and from the airport in Santo Domingo This airport express bus does not drive via the center so it saves your a lot of time if the airport is you destination This is service is limited to certain hours a day
These are the horus the bus leave from Villa Vasquez to Santiago de los Caballeros