Hotels and Hostels in Buen Hombre

For years there was only one hotel in Buen Hombre. And that of modest standard. This has changed there are now many options for any budget. Kite-hotels, simple apartments, luxury apartments and regular hotels.

Internet, electricity and watersuppy

Important! Keep in mind that the power supply in this part of the Dominican Republic is poor. Power cuts do happen, sometimes all day. If you need to work online keep this in mind. Ask if your hotel or apartment has a generator or a backup solar system. When power goes of the regular internet service in town also falls down. The only fast and stable system for Internet in Buen Hombre is via Starlink. Many apartments and hotels use this and its mandatory if you need to work online while kiting in Buen Hombre.

Water or the lack of it is a big problem in Buen Hombre. The water line in town only has water once a week at most! Yes, it is that bad! Hotels in town have large water tanks to store water. When empty trucks bring water that is pumped into these tanks. Some hotels have poor routines around this so in worst case you wont get your morning shower some days. Try to save on the water!

Hot water? Do not expect it in Buen Hombre, hardly anyone has it. It is plenty hot here so it is not really something you will miss with exception of the months of December and January.

Where do we recommend you stay?

For a short stay for kitesurfing most would stay close to the spot in one of the hotels on the beach. Ask about the internet connection and power-situation if you need to work online. For a longer stay we would consider options in the village. The beach area does become very noisy every weekend. Especially Sundays it will fill up with cars and large sound systems playing raggeaton, bachata and vallenato at shockingly high volumes. Weekdays most restaurants on the beach are closed in the evening. Then its better to head up to the village where you can have a nice roasted chicken with yuca for 150 Pesos, less than three US dollars. The beach area is more humid and windy depending on the season. This is why most locals live a bit further up.

These are the hotels and apartments for rent in Buen Hombre:

Hotel Playa Buen Hombre

Hotel Playa Buen Hombre is the first hotel that opened on the beach here. Its hosted many kitersurfers over the years. Its run by a Dominican family and they have an excellent on site restaurant. The rooms hold Dominican standard and the prices start around 1200 pesos 20 USD for one night, possibly more certain holidays / weekends.

It is located on the beach you can walk over to the kite spot in minutes.

The rooms are fairly decent sized There are single and double rooms

Hotel Playa Buen Hombre is a great place to connect with the life and rythm of the village. The local fishermen launch their boats every morning right in front of the hotel restaurant. You can watch them unload their catch of the day early afternoon or at night.

Hotel Villa Cruz

Hotel Villa Cruz is located on the beach with the main kitespot a few minutes away

Hotel Villa Cruz offer two types of rooms. The more simple rooms are located in its wooden building. The rooms in the more modern concrete building hold higher standard. It has large communal areas for lounging around including a small bar and a snooker table etc. The owner tries to make it as kite friendly as possible. There is a on site kitchen where guests have breakfast and other meals. Fast internet is provided via sattelite, Starlink.

In AirBnb the rooms in Hotel Villa Cruz rent for 40-100 USD pr night, depending on the size and the standard. You can also contact the hotel directly via Whatsapp:

Giacali B&B et Pizzeria La Romantica

On the second floor of the Pizzeria Giacali there are a handfull of both single and double rooms for rent. They have an onsite generator for when the power goes away (yes that happens from time to time). Theres a shared terrace for the guests and you have the italian restaurant on the first floor. Internet is offered via Starlink.

The rooms are new and nicely laid out

This is one of the nicer places to stay in Buen Hombre, but you will need a car or a moto as its a bit away from the spot. The closest beach is Playa Coco. It is great for swimming but the bay is too closes so the wind do not really come in here.

On AirBnb the rooms rent for about 45 USD a night. You can contact the italian owners directly via Whatsapp:

Villa Elizabeth Buen Hombre

Its hard to beat Villa Elizabeth for comfort and location

This villa is another great place to spend your kite-holidays in Buen Hombre. Its a small villa directly on the beach with two apartments for rent. Its a great location on the beach. You can walk over to the main spot in minutes. On AirBnb Villa Alizabeth this rents for about 120 USD pr night. There is a restaurant right next door.

Hotel Villa La Faraona

Hotel Faraona have good sized rooms that follow Dominican standard. Its located up in the village so you have the supermarkets (Colmados) closeby and the local simple and cheap restaurants that serve food in the evening (Most restaurants on the beach close after lunch weekdays). Theres no website, but you can send a Whatsapp to: +1 849 402 2727

Its recommended for those looking for a fairly cheap place to for a longer stay. You can negotiate a better rate for a month or a few weeks.

Kite Buen Hombre “Terrace Loft” and beach huts

Kiteshool Buen Hombre, have a few wooden “lofts” they rent directly behind the main kite spot. These where finished early 2024 and yet simple they are quite nice. They also rent some simple wooden huts that where built some years ago. Location is great behind the main kite spot in Buen Hombre. You can contact them directly via their website.

On airbnb the beach huts rent for about 77 USD pr night. On the newer “lofts” rent for about 95 USD pr night.

These terrace lofts where completed early 2024
The beach huts are simple but the location is great In this hot yet dry climate you do not need many luxeries

Hotel Angelica

Hotel Angelica is located next to La Faraona. They have small bungalows / huts for rent.

Villa Dona Rosa

This is still in construction, its beeing expanded. They have small bungalows built in 2023 for rent. You can ask about these in the “Restaurante Adonys” located directly on the beach or message them via their Facebook page. Its located directly on the beach a short walk from the main spot.

Friendly Kite Club Hotel 

Excellent view from the studio apartment located directly above Friendly Kite School and their restaurantbar

Over the restaurant and bar in Friendly Kite School there is one studio apartment for rent. Location is hard to beat and you will be in the middle of all the action. There is Starlink internet on site and hot water. It rents on AirBnb for 80 USD for one night. You can also contact the kite school Friendly kite Buen Hombre directly.